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Podcast Resources

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Podcasting Basics


What is Podcasting?

A media file (mp3) that is distributed by subscription over the Internet using syndication feeds, for playback on mobile devices and personal computers.

Podcasts are distributed using a technology known as Real Simple Syndication


Podcasting in Plain English

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Why use Podcasts?

  1. Provides students with an authentic audience.
  2. Increases student motivation to write.
  3. Improve fluency and listening skills.
  4. Engage your students, remember, they’re digital natives.
  5. Teacher produced podcasts enhance learning in all subject areas.
  6. Student created podcasts provide an effective tool for group collaboration.
  7. Facilitate project-based learning for students with all learning styles and skills.


Finding Podcasts in iTunes

You can find podcasts in the iTunes Store or in iTunes U.

Podcasts in iTunes are available in both Audio and Video formats.

You can Search or Browse by categories:

  • New Releases,
  • Features,
  • Topics,
  • Branded Providers

“Get Episode” vs. “Subscribe”


Finding Podcasts online


Podcast aggregator sites:

PodBean, Podcast Alley, The Podcast Network, Odeo


Podcast Alley

  • Pick a Genre
  • Search by Keyword


Podcast directories:

Many podcasts are available from your favorite media outlets:

  1. NPR Podcast Directory
  2. CNN.com
  3. ESPN.com
  4. Open Culture: University Podcast Collection
  5. The Education Podcast Network


iPod Teaching Resources

Apple has collected lesson plans from educators who are using iPods & published online.

EXAMPLE: iPod Audio Tours

  • Students use an iPod and voice recorder to create an audio tour from a trip to the zoo.
  • They add original music created in GarageBand, and save their project onto iPods for use by zoo visitors



iPod in Education


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Part 1


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Part 2


Educational Podcast Resources

  1. Business
  2. English-Language Arts
  3. Family & Consumer Science
  4. Fine Arts
  5. Foreign Language
  6. Mathematics
  7. Science
  8. Social Studies
  9. Special Education


Classroom Podcast Examples

  1. Elementary
  2. Secondary


Classroom Integration Techniques and Ideas

  1. Elementary
  2. Secondary


Getting Started with Classroom Podcasting

Here are some resources that outline how to get started podcasting in your classroom. 

Blogs and Podcasting
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: digital technology)


Wes Fryer's Teach Digital: Curriculum


Podcasting 2


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