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Pedagogical Foundations of New Media Literacy

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Meet the iPod Generation

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To truly understand today’s students, we must understand how deeply and pervasively technology has permeated their lives…


The iPod Generation Student

  • Digital Natives
  • Always Connected
  • Immediate Access
  • Multitasking
  • Engagement and Experience
  • Social – Enjoy teamwork
  • Visual


Understanding the iPod Generation Student

  • Thought process has evolved around the web.
  • You were raised reading books – they were raised on the web.
  • Books reinforce a linear style of thinking and reasoning.
  • They have developed a “hypertext” style of thinking.


Teaching the iPod Generation

  • High level of interaction, online and in person.
  • Engaged in the learning process, not just passive receptors of learning.
  • A key component of the iPod Gen definition of technology is customization.
  • Using technology to increase customization, convenience and collaboration is well received by iPod Gen.


Educators must possess the ability to adapt technology to meet individual needs, rather than vice versa.



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