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iPod Resources

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iPod Basics

Portable Media Player from Apple Inc.

Launched in 2001

Classified by:

  1. Model/Style
  2. Generation
  3. Capacity

Managed by user interface, in device and software, iTunes, on computer


iPod Models

Current Models



Capacity - 80GB/20,000 songs or 160GB/40,000 songs

Playback -  Music, Film, Video

Features - Photos, Games



Capacity - 4GB/1000 songs or 8GB/2000 songs

Playback -  Music, Video



Capacity - 1GB/240 songs or 2GB/500 songs

Playback - Music only



Capacity  - 8GB/1750 songs or 16GB/3500 songs or 32GB/7000 songs

Playback -  Music, Film, Video

Features- Photos, Games Wireless Internet Access, Touch screen


Previous Models



Capacity  - 4 GB or 6 GB

Playback -  Music

Features - Discontinued September 2005. Replaced by iPod Nano.


Table 1. iPod Models

Model Generation Image Capacity Connection Original release date Minimum OS to sync Rated battery life (hours)
Classic first first generation iPod 5, 10 GB FireWire 23 October 2001 Mac: 910.1 audio: 10
First model, with mechanical scroll wheel. 10 GB model released later.
second A second generation iPod (2002) 10, 20 GB FireWire 17 July 2002 Mac: 10.1
audio: 10
Touch-sensitive wheel. FireWire port had a cover. Hold switch revised. Windows compatibility through Musicmatch.
third third generation iPod 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 GB FireWire (USB for syncing only) 28 April 2003 Mac: 10.1
audio: 8
First complete redesign with all-touch interface, dock connector, and slimmer case. Musicmatch support dropped with later release of iTunes 4.1 for Windows.

(Photo) (color)

fourth generation iPod 20, 40 GB FireWire or USB 19 July 2004 Mac: 10.2
audio: 12
Adopted Click Wheel from iPod Mini, hold switch redesigned.
fourth generation iPod photo:
30, 40, 60 GB
FireWire or USB 26 October 2004 Mac: 10.2
audio: 15
slideshow: 5
20, 60 GB
28 June 2005
Premium spin-off of 4G iPod with color screen and picture viewing. Later re-integrated into main iPod line.
fifth fifth generation iPod 30, 60, 80 GB USB (FireWire for charging only) 12 October 2005 Mac: 10.3
30 GB
audio: 14
video: 2
(later 3.5)
60/80 GB
audio: 20
video: 3/6.5
Second full redesign with a slimmer case, and larger screen with video playback. Offered in black or white. Hardware and firmware updated with 60 GB model replaced with 80 GB model on 12th September, 2006.
sixth sixth generation iPod 80, 120, 160 GB USB (FireWire for charging only) 5 September 2007 Mac: 10.4 Win: XP 80 GB
audio: 30
video: 5
120 GB
audio: 36
video: 6
160 GB
audio: 40
video: 7
Introduced the "classic" suffix. New interface and anodized aluminum front plate. Silver replaces white. In September 2008 the hardware and firmware was updated with a 120 GB model as the sole option.
Mini first first generation iPod Mini 4 GB USB or FireWire 6 January 2004 Mac: 10.1
audio: 8
New smaller model, available in 5 colors. Introduced the "Click Wheel".
second second generation iPod Mini 4, 6 GB USB or FireWire 22 February 2005 Mac: 10.2
audio: 18
Brighter color variants with longer battery life. Click Wheel lettering matched body color. Gold color discontinued. Later replaced by iPod Nano.
Nano first first generation iPod Nano 1, 2, 4 GB USB (FireWire for charging only) 7 September 2005 Mac: 10.3
audio: 14
slideshow: 4
Replaced Mini. Available in black or white and used flash memory. Color screen for picture viewing. 1 GB version released later.
second 4 GB blue iPod Nano 2, 4, 8 GB USB (FireWire for charging only) 12 September 2006 Mac: 10.3
audio: 24
slideshow: 5
Anodized aluminum casing and 6 colors available.
third 4 GB third generation iPod Nano 4, 8 GB USB (FireWire for charging only) 5 September 2007 Mac: 10.4
audio: 24
video: 5
2" QVGA screen, colors refreshed with chrome back, new interface, video capability, smaller Click Wheel.
fourth 4 GB fourth generation iPod Nano 4, 8, 16 GB USB 9 September 2008 Mac: 10.4
audio: 24
video: 4
Revert to tall form and all-aluminum enclosure with 9 color choices, added accelerometer for shake and horizontal viewing. 4GB model limited release in select markets.
Shuffle first first generation iPod Shuffle 512 MB, 1 GB USB
(no adaptor required)
11 January 2005 Mac: 10.2
audio: 12
New entry-level model. Uses flash memory and has no screen.
second second generation iPod Shuffle 1 GB, 2 GB USB 12 September 2006 Mac: 10.3
audio: 12
Smaller clip design with anodized aluminum casing. 4 color options added later. Colors were later refreshed twice.
Touch first This image is a candidate for speedy deletion. It may be deleted after Saturday, 2 February 2008. 8, 16, 32 GB USB (FireWire for charging only) 5 September 2007 Mac: 10.4
audio: 22
video: 5
First iPod with Wi-Fi and a Multi-Touch interface. Features Safari browser and wireless access to the iTunes Store and YouTube. 32 GB model later added.
second   8, 16, 32 GB USB 9 September 2008 Mac: 10.4
audio: 36
video: 6
New tapered chrome back with Nike+ functionality, volume buttons, and built-in speaker added.




How iPod Works




iPod Touch Anatomy




iPod Touch Controls


Sleep/Wake Button

When you’re not using iPod touch you can lock it.

When iPod touch is locked, nothing happens if you touch the screen.

By default, if you don’t touch the screen for a minute, iPod touch locks automatically.


iPod touch

Press the Sleep/Wake button.


Unlock iPod touch

Press the Home button or the Sleep/Wake button, then drag the slider.


Turn iPod touch completely off

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then drag the slider.


Turn iPod touch on

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.


Arrange Icons

Press and hold icon until it wiggles. Drag and drop the icon to the desired position.



iPod Touch Applications


There are a number od default applications included with the iPod Touch. There are other Applications available for free or for a fee.



Listen to your songs, audiobooks, and podcasts. Create on-the-go playlists or use the Genius feature to automatically create a playlist with more songs from your library that go great together.



Watch purchased or rented movies, music videos, video podcasts, and TV shows on the go. Connect iPod touch to your TV to watch on a larger screen (TV connection requires cable available for purchase separately).



iPod Touch 2.1 User Guide 





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