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Elementary Classroom Integration

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Listening Center

  • The iPod provides you with an opportunity to create a listening center on the go. 

  • You can load the iPod with audio books and podcasts. 

  • Read and record your voice reading stories you want your students to read and listen to.


Paired Reading

  • Record podcasts of short books, poems or texts. Read clearly and model appropriate rate for students.

  • Embed cues in the recordings to alert your students when to turn pages.

  • Set up a regular time of day when students can use the recordings.

  • Model to students how they are to use the podcasts and follow along in their books.

  • Make the recordings available on your blog or website for at-home use.



  • Record all your lectures as podcasts and make them available on your blog or website.
  • Assign podcast lectures as homework and spend your in-class time conducting experiements, facilitating small and large group discussions, helping students solve complex problems.



  • Have students create notes in Powerpoint and save each slide as a .JPG image.
  • Once the teacher has approved the notes, load them on the iPod as a slideshow.
  • Make the notes available on your blog or website.


Study Guides

  • Create study guides for important quizzes and tests in Powerpoint and save each slide as a .JPG image.
  • Load them on the iPod as a slideshow.
  • Make the study guides available on your blog or website.


English Language Learners

Learning English With iPods


General Tips

  • Rip your collection of kids CDs to iTunes, create a playlist for each CD and load the songs on your iPod - never mess with changing a CD:)
  • Follow the same procedure to load on all your kids audio books.


Other Resources

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